How will we pay?

Everything you didn´t dare ask...

Fundamental changes are now transforming all aspects of the world of payment, from the very nature of currencies to new concepts of payment and the technologies that are used for authentication and consent.

The model of money and payments that has endured for thousands of years may soon be radically redefined, with dramatic implications for governments and banks that fail to embrace the changes as well as for the relationship between merchants and their customers.

These developments will challenge the business models of merchants and banks and will present agile operators with a unique opportunity to create value and build deeper and longer lasting relationships with their customers.

In this update to How will we pay? Welcome to the payments revolution, Worldline answers the 10 questions on everyone’s lips about the future of payments.


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  • Why are means of payment changing so fast?
  • What are the prospects for a cashless society?
  • Can we envisage a card-less society in Europe or the US?
  • Can payments become invisible in the payments journey?
    .. and much more

“The question for the payments industry is, what strategic steps should companies take to ride the inevitable wave of change that is approaching the sector?”

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